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Caren Chroma Time body paint
Caren chroma Mushroom body paint
Caren Chroma gaian goddess body paint
Yin & Yang body paint by caren chroma
Majestic self adornment caren chroma

Welcome beautiful Soul

Thank You for Being Here

I'm Caren Chroma.


My mission is to reflect Love, Beauty & Gratitude in this Life,

while using Creativity as a tool for Expression, Connection and Transformation. 


Nature is my ultimate Muse.

Her patterns, colors, messages & infinite forms inspire everything I create.

I am fascinated by the human experience and love exploring

the impact Art has on our physical, mental, spiritual & collective reality.

Life is a Trip & I'm here for it.

I'm glad you are too.

Caren Chroma Artist Portrait


You are a Living,




Life is your



Caren Chroma self adornment in the woods with mirror


Caren Chroma is a multi-faceted artist, body painter & singer who draws inspiration from nature's beauty and her fascination with the human experience.


In 2012, she experienced a spiritual awakening, which set her on a journey of self discovery, exploration and appreciation of this sacred life. After graduating art school at Indiana University, and developing her artistry for 6 years at Alex Grey & Allyson Grey's CoSM (Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in New York), she now lives as a full time artist in Los Angeles, CA. 


She offers 1:1 body paint adornment ceremonies (aka Chroma Sessions) and workshops, while continuing to paint original art & make music. Her mission is to remind people that we are living-breathing masterpieces and divine expressions worthy of being witnessed & celebrated through art.

Caren Chroma body painting woman at festival
Caren Chroma with her original paintings
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