Caren also exercises body & face paint on herself as the subject, and offers adornments at creative gatherings, events & one-on-one sessions. After discovering the

Em-Powerful healing properties of sharing body paint with others, this art form has become a primary interest & focus on her artist path. Body paint can serve as a major tool for Self-Reflection,

Human Connection,

& Healing Transformation.

Caren Chroma is an artist who uses her paintings as Expressions, Reflections & Extensions of her creative life. Her muses stem from a fascination with Nature, capturing fragments of Transcendental States, honoring the Divine Feminine, and celebrating Source energy, which interweaves the entire life web.

Her scintillating work is described as Flowedelic, as she creates from an intuitive, flow-state & aims to embellish her chosen subjects with curvaceous line work, high chroma hues, & streaming dots.