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event body painting

Bringing Extra Life & Color to the Experience

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Whether you are hosting a Special Event, Creative Gathering, Healing Retreat, Festival, or Celebration,

 body paint adds a unique touch that leaves a memorable impression on all attendees involved. 


After falling in LOVE with body paint on myself, I knew it was a gift meant to be shared. There is something so Fun, Empowering & Grounding that happens when adorned with paint. My favorite part is witnessing the reactions of people once they see their reflection in the mirror after being painted. 

This offering brings extra Life to the party with an Elegant, Artistic twist and a Safe & Relaxing space for participants to Connect. Not to mention, it also makes for stunning, captivating photos that will stand out. 





Face & Body Painting

Offer Face & Body Paint for Guests. 
Designs can range from simple to more elaborate.

Live painting.JPG

Live Body Painting

Provide a live body paint performance, where guests can witness a human canvas transform throughout the event.


Baby & Bridal Showers 

Special Gift for Mamas & Brides to be! Pamper yourself or a friend by offering a special adornment to mark this once in a lifetime initiation into the next phase of life

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