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body painted woman laying on beach

chroma sessions

Adorn your Unique Being through the Art of Intentional Body Paint

Celebrate & Honor the Living, Breathing Masterpiece you Truly Are

Body paint, when combined with intention, holds a unique and profound power.

The act of adorning the body with paint can serve as a fun, transformative, and sacred practice. Chroma Sessions are co-creative experiences, designed to tap into the power of art, play, sacred ritual, gratitude, & soul expression.  Each session is unique to the receiver and offers a space to be honored, witnessed, heard & celebrated.

Painted woman with Roses

why get painted?

Some reasons this Experience could be for you : 

  • You are ready to witness yourself through a unique, creative lens and honor your body as ART

  • You are healing your relationship with your Body & claiming deeper levels of Self Love Embodiment

  • You are celebrating and marking a special chapter in life (Birthday, Anniversary, initiation into Motherhood, New Career, Reclaiming your Power, etc)​

  •  You are processing a transition or letting go of something & want to incorporate an artistic ritual to signify the passage.

  • You value unique experiences & are curious about trying something new. 

  • You want to capture your magical essence through photos that will last forever 

Woman body painted by caren chroma in flowers
Flower woman body painted by caren chroma

How Does it Work?

  • Select your Session

  • Meet for Paint Ceremony & Photo Shoot 

  • Experience & Share the Magic

Blu of Earth body painted by Caren Chroma


Each session is designed to Celebrate the Body, Create a Memorable, Artistic Experience, & Capture your Divine Essence through Photography.

Offering includes a virtual Consultation, Guided Meditation,
Paint Ceremony, Photoshoot, & digital Photos that you can cherish forever

Rates Vary depending on level of desired Detail & Body Coverage
Final Quotes Determined during
Connection Call

Belly Blessing offering by caren chroma
Pregnant painted woman
SpiritMasque_CarenChroma Adornment
Soul Armour adornment session with Caren Chroma

Currently Located in Los Angeles, CA


My session with Caren was Mind Blowing &
Soul Opening!

I literally felt like she was painting through my skin, all the way to the back of my body and onto my soul. I felt Safe, Blessed, and Connected to her and her process throughout our session.

It really was a Rebirth, or a homecoming, back to my sacred vessel of the body and back to my cosmic being at the same time. And, it was so much Fun! Time flew by, it felt like we were in another dimension.

I had some fears at first, but I felt so Relaxed in her presence and Reinvigorated during and after our time together. I recommend these sessions for anyone who wants to remember their divinity, their beauty, and their worthiness.

-Violet Lange

This woman is Magic, a pure gift from the Cosmos!


Caren has this gift of digesting a beautiful dialogue between two spirits and transmuting that energy out of her fingertips and through her paintbrush, or as I like to see it... her Wand 


I’m incredibly camera shy and she made the experience very comfortable.


It was easy to relax and surrender to our flow. She made me look and feel like the most beautiful bird.

- Jacqueline Denisse

Caren’s intuitive Connection and Creativity is Stellar!


Her ability to observe my unique Divine Expression and paint it, activated within me the Flowers ready to Bloom.


Caren Chroma creations are Impressive & Breathtakingly Beautiful. I encourage everyone willing to explore and express their inner essence to book a  Chroma session~

Materialize, Witness and Activate your Avatar.

-Dejah Gomez


This sister is one of the most Attentive, Kind, Genuine, Talented, Creative, & Sweetest Souls I’ve ever had the chance to spend the day with. 


She made me feel so Beautiful, Nurtured and held in my Radiance.


If ever looking to have your Essence painted and brought to Life, I definitely recommend getting a session with her.

-Lotus Grace

This Ceremony was not only Transformational -

it was a Celebration!


I was really able to spend the whole day adoring my body & loving it the way I should every day! To say I felt Beautiful is an Understatement.


I was Glowing from the Inside & Outside!


The ceremony reinforced all the reasons why I chose to stop poisoning it and reminded me of the importance to Honor and Love my Temple.

-Rachel Cuthbert

Blu of earth painted by caren chroma

Blu of Earth shares about her adornment experience with artists, Alex Grey & Allyson Grey

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