Community has played an integral role in my current art journey as I moved to the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (CoSM), an art sanctuary in upstate New York, in September 2013. Founding artists, Alex & Allyson Grey, have been visioning & manifesting a creative community which offers sacred space holding monthly events, workshops, an art gallery, bed & breakfast, cafe, gift shop, 40 acres of nature to explore, and the expansion continues... 

The mission of CoSM is to build an enduring sanctuary of visionary art to uplift and inspire a global community. I choose to help this elaborate art/life project because I truly support the idea that art can aid the healing of the world and be a tool for connecting with creative spirit. The opportunity to work with such brilliant and inspirational minds has helped me grow and evolve as a human being & artist, while contributing to a higher vision that will ultimately be a catalyst for a positive shift in consciousness throughout the world. 























My main role right now is coordinating volunteers for the various monthly events that CoSM hosts such as the Full Moon Gatherings and other workshops. Engaging with volunteers has taught me an immense amount about the importance of selfless service, working TOGETHER, creative collaboration, and leadership. It's a perfect example of how teamwork really does make the dream work & how every person is unique and vital to the collective 'art project' we call life.

Aside from working with the volunteers it has been a great pleasure sharing my art and body painting at the CoSM events. Every opportunity to connect with new people and inspiring artists is a blessing & keeps life interesting. 



CoSM attracts numerous artists who come to share their creations at events, teach workshops, & contribute to the Mushroom Cafe Mural. 
Through these visits I've had the opportunity to learn from and in some cases assist several of these inspirators. Many of these artists will eventually have their work displayed in the MAGI Gallery in ENTHEON.

This 3 story art gallery is currently one of the main projects & is being built on CoSM property. It will house the original, sacred paintings of Alex Grey & Allyson Grey, which have been tucked away in storage since the relocation of CoSM in 2009.


With the growing collective effort of the global community, it is possible to manifest
this sacred hub & home for art, creativity, connectivity & spiritual contemplation.

I am grateful everyday and have a strong sense of knowing that community is such an important & beneficial part of life. I feel we are here to share together, lift eachother, & inspire one another.