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Swoven Flower 

This painting symbolizes the Woven Tapestry of our Interconnected Reality. 

Each 'Hueman' is a unique thread that goes through life breathing, traveling, interacting, communicating, learning, teaching & co-creating. Through our stories, shared experiences & expressions, we inform the Fabric of Existence as we know it.  Swoven Flower demonstrates this vibrant Weaving Flow, as we all stem from the Center of the same Loving Source.


Giclee Print on Canvas or Archival Matte Paper


Stretched Canvas

(Ready to Hang)

Post Coated with Satin UV/Water Protectant

12x12 in


*Allow 2-3 weeks for Shipping


Archival Matte Paper

Image Size: 15x15.5 in/ Paper Size : 16x16 in


Swoven Flower